SWE 432 Assignment 1
Fall 2013
Student Setup : Due 9/2

This is an individual assignment.

  1. Login to Piazza and post a short introduction as a note with the tag "#checkin". Tell us one interesting thing about yourself. Include a picture of yourself, and embed it inline. The subject should be "Introduction - NAME" (whatever your name is).
  2. Set up your personal webpage through the Mason cluster following these instructions (they are borrowed from Dr. Offutt, so the links on that page will not take you back to this semester's course. Extra credit: why is this annoying from a usability perspective, and what should have I done? Why do you think I didn't do it?). If you run into problems, you might find this useful. If you're still stuck, DO NOT email the professor or GTA; please post all of your questions to Piazza.
  3. After setting up your webpage, email the URL and the username/password combination to the GTA with the subject SWE432 login.

This assignment is worth five points (though you cannot skip it, otherwise we will be unable to grade your homework). No late submissions (after midnight) will be accepted.

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