SWE 432 Homework 10
Fall 2013
Multiple Users: Due 11/28 (can be turned in sooner!)

Extend your previous program to keep track of different users and multiple descriptions. You do not need to worry about authentication. That is, simply accept user names, not passwords. The description screen should show all current descriptions, and let users bid on any of the current descriptions. When a user enters an description, the user must supply a user name, which is then shown beside the description. When a user bids for a description, the user must also supply a user name. A user cannot vote on his or her own description. Once a user name is given in the session, that user name must stay the same throughout the session. That is, the user cannot change a user name once given.


Hint: If you open up two different browsers on your computer, they will each have a separate session. This might help test your program.

You can format the screens as you wish as long as you follow the usability guidelines from class. You can also add additional functionality. Get creative and have fun!

As before, you can work with a partner or alone. You can work with the same partner as the previous assignment, or a different partner. Be sure to alert me to any conflicts that could endanger your grade.

Within the above constraints, feel free to format the output web page any way you like and include extra functionality if you like. Your program will be graded on correctness, and also on the readability and maintainability of the Java and the HTML that it produces (for example, be sure to add carriage returns!).

You will deploy your program on the swe432 application server, as detailed in the instructions.

Grading Rubric

The grading for assignment 10 will be as follows:


Submit your program by (1) placing a link to the initial JSP on your class website, (2) deploying your JSP, servlet, and other Java classes on the server, and (3) posting your Java source on Blackboard. Partners' websites should both link to the same deployed web application. NOTE: We will access each assignment shortly after the due date and not look at your web site afterwards.

Making your web page and program available to me and the TA is your responsibility. If we cannot run your program then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access before the due date.

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