SWE 432 Homework 11
Fall 2013
Persisting data: Due 12/3

Final steps! Modify your program in the following ways:

  1. Keep track of descriptions and bids across multiple sessions. That is, you need to persist the score on permanent storage. Save the data into an XML file. Refer to the servlet lectures for how to write a file on our apps server, and make sure your file name includes your GMU user ID (to ensure uniquness). Read and write the data each time a user adds a description or bids.
  2. Sort the descriptions based on the highest bid.
  3. Last time you added user names. Now add a password and allow a user to login and delete his or her bids. Do not allow a user to bid on his or her own descriptions. Save the username and password into the XML data file.

Note the use of XML is a required element; no databases, cloud storage, or other types of files. Submit a copy of your XML on Blackboard with your source files. Please remember to put your name and "homework 11" on all screens.

You can format the screens as you wish as long as you follow the usability guidelines from class. You can also add additional functionality. Get creative and have fun!

As before, you can work with a partner or alone. You can work with the same partner as the previous assignment, or a different partner.

Within the above constraints, feel free to format the web pages any way you like and include extra functionality if you like. Your program will be graded on correctness, and also on the readability and maintainability of the Java and the HTML that it produces (for example, be sure to add carriage returns!).

You will deploy your program on the swe432 application server, as detailed in the instructions.

Grading Rubric

The grading for assignment 11 will be as follows:


Submit your program by (1) placing a link to the program on your class website, (2) deploying your program components on the server, and (3) posting your source and XML file on Blackboard. Partners' websites should both link to the same web page. NOTE: We will access each assignment shortly after the due date and not look at your web site afterwards.

Making your web page and program available to me and the TA is your responsibility. If we cannot run your program then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access before the due date.

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