SWE 432 Assignment 2
Fall 2013
Evaluation: GMU Student Information System : Due 9/10

For this assignment you should work with one partner. If you work with a partner, submit the same report and put both names on the report. Post your assignment assignment on your class website before class starts on the due date (both people should do this).

You will conduct a small usability evaluation. You need to evaluate the user interface in terms of the five measurable criteria that were discussed in class (time to learn, speed of UI performance, rate of user errors, retention of skills, and subjective satisfaction). Use these in three ways: (1) rank them in priority on a scale of 1 to 5, (2) rate each criterion in terms of what you think the user interface's goals should be, and (3) rate each criterion in terms of what you think the user interface actually achieves. For the ratings, you must use the following scale of importance: low, moderate, high, very high. For example, if you think the rate of user errors is crucial to the success of the interface, then your rating for Errors should be very high. Your priority ranking and your measurable goals should be consistent with each other, and your evaluation will in large part be based on whether the user interface achieves its goals.

You should evaluate GMU's student information system at https://patriotweb.gmu.edu/.

Submit a brief report in four parts: (1) describe the task you used the interface for, (2) present the rankings and criteria goals, (3) provide a short narrative explaining your use of the UI, and (4) a summary statement about the usability. I expect your reports to be 2 or 3 pages in length; please make them direct and to the point.

This assignment is supposed to be fun and I expect it to take about 1 to 2 hours to evaluate and write up the report.

Submit your report by making a link to it on your class website. Your file should have the name assignment2.html. If you work with a partner, submit links from both of your websites, but put both of your names somewhere easily visible. Each of the above four bullets will be worth three points.

Make sure you save the file as an HTML file with the correct name. How do you write a simple html file?

Making your report available to me and the TA is your responsibility; if we cannot access your file then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access to your file before the due date.

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