SWE 432 Assignment 3
Fall 2013
Eval: GMU Bookstore Task: Due 9/17

For this homework I really want you to work with one partner. You may work alone, but you will learn more from this exercise if you collaborate. If you work with a partner, submit the same report and put both names on the report. Post your homework assignment on BOTH class websites before class starts on the due date.

We will conduct a user task test similar to the usability tasks Nielsen talks about in his book. Specifically, we will perform three tasks on the GMU Bookstore website. The three tasks are:

  1. Find out what books are required for SWE 632
  2. Buy a sweatshirt for a 9 year old
  3. Buy a shot glass (you can change to a coffee cup if you do not drink)

If you work with a partner, take turns doing the tasks. One person should attempt to perform the task, while the other person watches and takes detailed notes. If you work alone, you must do all three tasks and take notes yourself. Note: You do not have to spend money. You can stop before submitting personal information, including your credit card number.

Write a report with a section for each task. Start by stating whether the user was successful or not. Then give assessments for each of the five criteria we discussed in week 1. Comment on specific things that made the task harder or easier. Close with specific recommendations for improving the UI.

I expect your reports to be 2 or 3 pages in length; please make them direct and to the point.

As before, submit your report by making a link to it on your class website. If you work with a partner, both of your websites should link to your report. Both of you must turn in the same report and both names must be present.

Submit your report by making a link to it on your class website. Your file should have the name assignment3.html. If you work with a partner, submit links from both of your websites, but put both of your names somewhere easily visible. This assignment will be worth 12 points; four points for each of the three tasks.

Making your report available to me and the TA is your responsibility; if we cannot access your file then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access to your file before the due date.

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