SWE 432 Assignment 6
Fall 2013
Web Data Entry: Due 10/22

The next few homework assignments will result in a small product bidding/sales estimation system. The first step is very modest; you will create a single web page with HTML and JS with no backend. (A prototype backend will be handed out later.)

As before, you can work with a partner or alone. It will be simpler if you stay with the same partner through the next few assignments, but this will not be required. That is, you will be able to change or drop partners.

For this week, create an HTML page that has one input screen. Your screen must have a title and instructions. It will have one text field where a user can enter the product name (for example: Large six-drawer dresser). The screen will then have a text box (multiple lines) where the user can provide a description of the item. The screen will have a submit button and three mutually exclusive buttons to choose a starting bid of one, ten, or one hundred dollars. Finally, the screen will have a text box where the user can enter a bid amount manually, if none of the starting bids are selected.

Note these buttons will not work in this assignment, we will get to the backend later.

The web page must include JavaScript to perform at least three actions. One must check that all the input text field and box are filled out (either one of the starting bids must be selected, or the text box must be filled out, but not both, unless you want to have the pre-selected amount, if one is chosen, populate the text box, which is fine -- this can be one of your other two JS actions!). This JS function must run when the submit button is pressed. You can decide what the other two JS actions should be; get creative and have fun!

To make the form handling simple, you can use a prototype "general form handler" servlet that I prepared as a class example. Your HTML will send all data to this program, and it echoes the inputs to the user. See the Information Form example. It includes the HTML form tag:
<form method="post" action="http://cs.gmu.edu:8080/offutt/servlet/formHandler">
Copy this verbatim into your HTML. When the user presses a submit button, all data submitted will be echoed to the user's screen, just as in the example.

Grading Rubric

See Piazza for an updated grading rubric, and post any questions there :-)


Submit your page by placing a link to it on your class website. Your file should have the name assignment6.html. Partners' websites should both link to the same web page. NOTE: We will access each assignment shortly after the due date and not look at your web site afterwards.

Making your web page available to me and the TA is your responsibility. If we cannot access your file then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access to your file before the due date.

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