SWE 432 Assignment 7
Fall 2013
Simple Form Processing: Due 10/29

Your assignment is to write a small PHP program that accepts the form data values from your web page for assignment 6. Your PHP needs to display the input data from the form in a readable format as an HTML page. You do not need to process the inputs, just echo them.

As before, you can work with a partner or alone. You can work with the same partner as the previous assignment, or a different partner.

Within the above constraints, feel free to format the output web page any way you like. Your program will be graded on correctness, and also on the readability and maintainability of the PHP and the HTML that it produces (for example, be sure to add carriage returns!). You may change your HTML form from assignment 6.

You will deploy your PHP program on the Hermes application server, as detailed in the PHP Deployment Instructions.

Warning: The program is small, but several things may cause this assignment to take more time than you expect. Most of you are working with new technology, many of you are not familiar with Unix, and debugging is notoriously painful with PHP. I strongly suggest that you start by taking a PHP program that you know works (an example from the book or the class website) and deploy it on our server. That way you won't have to learn how to program and deploy PHP at the same time.

Grading Rubric

The grading for assignment 7 will be as follows:


Submit your program by (1) placing a link to the HTML page on your class website (similar to the last assignment, your html file should have the name assignment7.html), (2) deploying your PHP program on the server, and (3) posting your PHP source on Blackboard. Your php file should have the name show.php. Partners' websites should both link to the same web page. NOTE: We will access each assignment shortly after the due date and not look at your web site afterwards.

Making your web page and program available to me and the TA is your responsibility. If we cannot run your program then you will not get credit. Be sure to test access before the due date.

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