CS 685
Autonomous Robotics


Matlab code repository
Project Ideas
Review Chapters 3, 13, 14, 15 from Russel and Norvig AI book

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic, Handouts Assignments/Due dates
week 1   Introduction and course logistics slides.pdf,
  Rigid Body Motion (.pdf)
  Notes (.pdf)
  Get familiar Matlab
  Read Stanley paper (.pdf)
  Read Carla paper (.pdf)
  Homework 1 (due September 17) (.pdf)
week 2
  Labor day
week 3
  Robot Kinematics
  Mobile robot kinematics slides.pdf, notes (.pdf)
  Kinematic chains notes (.pdf)
  Homework 1 part 2 (due September 17) (.pdf)
week 4   Mobile Robot Control slides
  Trajectory Generation slides
  Potential Fields slides
  PID Control pid_notes.pdf
  Chapter 3.4.3 until the end in Siegwart
  Homework 2 (due September 24) (.pdf)

week 5   Robotics Architectures slides.pdf
  Motion Planning slides.pdf
  Steering behaviors www
week 6   Robot perception: calibration, stereo slides.pdf
  Chapter 4.1 in Siegwart
  MASKS Vision Book Handout Chapter 3. and 5.
  Homework 3 (due October 9) (.pdf)
week 7   Robot Perception: epipolar geometry, matching slides.pdf
  Range sensing slides.pdf
  Homework 4 (due October 14) (.pdf)
  Chapter 4.2-4.5 in Siegwart
week 8   Robot Perception: object detection and recognition slides.pdf
  Homework 5 (due October 29) (.pdf)
week 9   Introduction to probabilistic robotics slides.pdf
  Bayes Filters, Kalman Filter slides.pdf
  Chapter 5.6 in Siegwart, www.probabilistic-robotics.org
week 12   Sensor Models slides.pdf
  Motion Models slides.pdf
  Discrete Filters and Particle filters slides.pdf
  Particle Filters Landmarks slides.pdf
week 13   Extended Kalman Filter slides.pdf
  Iterative Closest Point Algorithm slides.pdf

week 14   Simultaneous Localization and Mapping slides.pdf
  Occupancy Grid Mapping slides.pdf
  Markov Decision Processes intro slides.pdf

week 10   Markov Decision Processes intro slides.pdf
week 11   Markov Decision Processes cont. slides.pdf
week 16   Project Ideas Project Ideas
  Final Project Presentation slides (.pdf)
  formatting instructions latex (.tar.gz) MS word (.doc)

Related software, robot simulators, GMU info

GMU robot lab
Matlab resources - Matlab Primer 
Kalman Filter material repository 
Introduction to the Kalman filter (notes)
Teambots simulator - for single/multi robot simulation (java)
Player/Stage Robot and sensor simulator
Mason simulator - multiagent simulation base, large number of agents (java) + other simulator links
Gibson simulator
AI2 Thor Visual AI platform
Minos Flexible API
Natural Language Instructions
HoME environment Challet environment The Sick LIDAR Matlab/C++ Toolboox