CS 700
Qualitative Medthos and Experimental Design in Computer Science

Time/Location: Tuesday 4:30-7:10, Innovation Hall 208
Instructor: Jana Kosecka
Office hours: Wednesday 2-4pm
Contact: Office 4444 Research II, e-mail: kosecka@gmu.edu, 3-1876
Course web page: http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~kosecka/cs700/


Sample Midterm

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic, Handouts Assignments/Due dates
Aug. 31 Introduction and course logistics,
Statistical Summarization of Data lecture1.pdf
Get familiar Matlab; Matlab Primer   Read Ch. 1-3
Sep. 7 Review of Probability Distribution
Confidence Intervals, Quantile, Q-Q plots lecture2.pdf  
Homework 1 (due September 21)
Sep. 14 Modelling errors, Confidence intervals contd. lecture3.pdf Read Chapter 4
Sep. 21 Comparing alternatives, Analysis of Variance ANOVA
Read Chapter 5
Homework 2 (due October 5)
Sep. 28 Hypothesis testing, Design on Experiments
Read Chapter 9
D. Lilja paper
Oct. 5 Linear Regression lecture6.pdf
Linear Algebra Review review.pdf
Read Chapter 8
Homework 3 (due October 19), solution
Oct. 12 No Class - Columbus Day recess
Oct. 19 Constrained Least Squares, MLE Estimation lecture7.pdf MLE Least Squares handout
Oct. 26 Midterm exam
Nov. 2 Simulation, Monte Carlo Simulation lecture8.pdf
Read Chapter 10
Nov. 9 Importance Sampling, Markov Processes
Eigenanalysis lecture9.pdf
Project Proposal Due Homework 4 (due Nov. 24)
Read sampling paper
G. Strang Lectures 21 and part of 24, Class notes
Nov. 16 Data Clustering, K-NN guest_lecture.pdf
Nov. 23 PCA, Multidimensional Scaling, ISOMAP lecture10.pdf
Readings PCA notes
Nov. 30 Workload characterization, Queueing Analysis
lecture11.pdf , lecture12.pdf
Homework 4 sol
Dec. 7 Final exam, project write up guidelines cs700-project.pdf
Dec. 14 Final Project Presentation 4:30-7:15pm
formatting instructions latex (.tar.gz) MS word (.doc)

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