CS 367 Schedule, Fall 2017

1 Assignments

All assessments will be posted and announced as early as we have them prepared, generally with at least one week to complete the assignment.

2 Test Schedule

Tests are bigger milestones, and their dates are announced ahead of time. Only severe scheduling anomalies would force a delay in test dates.

3 Topics and Readings

Note, you can access our textbook in the Gateway Library (JC), call #QA76.5.B795 2016

Tuesday/Thursday sections may be ahead of schedule particularly between Labor Day and Columbus Day. All sections will tend to be at least on schedule all semester.

Week of Topic Lecture Topics Recitation Text Readings
8/28 Ch2: Data Rep. course intro, C review C programming 1 (overview)
    representing info assignment  
9/4   (no Monday classes) Bit operators, 2.1-2.3 (data rep)
    bits, integers Two's complement  
    int operations    
9/11   floating point numbers floating point 2.4-2.5 (floating point)
9/18 Ch3: Program Rep. assembly, machine code reading assembly 3.1-3.5 (assembly)
    op/move/set instructions    
9/25   condition codes writing assembly 3.6 (control)
    control flow    
10/2   review GDB 3.10.2-3.10.3 (GDB)
    TEST 1, Wed/Thurs    
10/9   (Mon. off; Tues==Mon sched.) writing assembly  
    procedures (functions, arrays) 3.7 (procedures)
10/16   data structures data structures 3.8-3.10 (asm for data)
10/23   buffer overflow runtime stack, 9.11 (buffer overflow)
    Linking/Loading buffer overflow 7.1-7.11 (linking/loading)
10/30 Ch4: Architecture arch 1 architecture Ch 4
    arch 2    
11/6   arch 3 Makefiles(linking)  
    TEST 2, Wed/Thurs    
11/13 Ch6,9: Virtual Memory Virtual Memory memory 9.1-9.6 (virtual mem)
    Caching, TLBs   6 (mem. hierarchy, cache)
11/20   Dynamic Memory Allocation   9.9 (malloc, heap mgmt)
    No Wed/Thurs class no recitation  
11/27 Ch8: Processes Heap Management heap 9.10 (garbage collection)
    Exceptions, Processes   8.1-8.4 (exc/proc)
12/4 Ch12: Concurrency Signals, Nonlocal jumps - processes 8.5-8.8 (sigs/nlj)
    concurrency (processes, threads) - exam review 12.1, 12.3-12.4 (conc. prog)
    Exam review, course evaluations - evaluations