CS 788 - Fall 2017 - Student Presentations of Term Paper 2

Aslam, Muhammad Salman, Dynamic Evolution of Context Knowledge Base and Corresponding Self Configuration of Service Oriented Cyber Physical System
Ayanam, Essien, A Survey of Self-Protecting Computing SystemsA Survey of Self-Protecting Computing Systems
Flagg, Cristopher H., Autonomic Network Configuration using SDN and NFV
Gandre, Tejas, Self-Protection And Self-Healing In The Context Of Data Security
Gertler, Ethan, Blockchains and Autonomic Computing
Mach, Darwin L., Autonomous Networks and Inter-Vehicle Communication
Moran, Grady T., Summary of Recent Research Developments on Using Autonomic Computing to Mitigate the Downsides of Virtualization in the Cloud
Neelakantam, Anush, Effective Resource Allocation using Autonomic Elasticity Scaling Approaches in Cloud Computing
Uma D. Tadakamalla, Evolution of Self-architecting frameworks for Self-healing and Self-configuration
Veldurthy, Pranav, Trade-off between Power Consumption and Total Energy Cost in Cloud Computing System