Quotes for the Book
Scaling for E-Business: technologies, metrics, performance, capacity planning
Daniel A. Menasce and Virgilio A. F. Almeida

  • "This practitioner's handbook abstracts the current research articles and textbooks---giving you clear advice on how to approach performance problems. The result is a very readable and useful tutorial on how to scale up a website from a single server to a site handling millions of transactions per day".

  •                 Jim Gray,
                    Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research ,
                   1998 Turing Award Recipient

  • "Too many e-business systems have had embarassing or even crippling episodes when they were unable to handle the amount of work they are suddenly asked to do. This book shows how to apply rigorous quantitative reasoning to one of the critical questions of a modern business---how to get satisfying performance from a complex e-business application without wasting resources. The book is a self-contained and immediately useful guide to predicting performance and capacity, and shows the reader how to analyze the critical and unusual aspects of e-commerce systems including network, crypto, and database issues."

  •                Stuart Feldman,
                   Director, IBM Institute for Advanced Commerce
                   Director, IBM Networked Computing Software Research

  • "E-business is transforming the every element of business in many unknown ways. This book will give its readers a headstart in understanding the quantitative underpinnings of the new environment."

  •               Howard Frank,
                  Dean, Robert H. Smith School of Business University of Maryland at College Park