Current Ph.D. Students:

  1. Yong Xue, George Mason University, advanced to candidacy, (Dissertation title: An Architecture for End-to-end and Autonomic Control and Management of Virtual Service Networks in Multi-AS Environments)
  2. Mohan Krishnamoorthy, George Mason University, co-director with Prof. Alex Brodsky, advanced to candidacy (Dissertation title: An Efficient Decision Guidance System for Buffered Temporal Flow Processes (BTFP)).
  3. Jason Porter, George Mason University, co-director with Hassan Gomaa, advanced to candidacy, (Dissertation title: A Decentralized Mechanism for Discovering Architectural Models of Large Dynamic Distributed Systems)).
  4. Venkat Tadakamalla, George Mason University, advanced to candidacy, (Dissertation Title: Analysis and Autonomic Elasticity Control for Multi-Server Queues Under Traffic Surges in Cloud Environments).
  5. Noor Bajunaid, George Mason University, advanced to candidacy, (Dissertation Title: Modeling and Optimization of Performance and Reliability of Distributed Autonomic Systems).
  6. Reem Albarrak, George Mason University, (Research Area: Self-Protecting Computer Systems).

Graduated Ph.D. Students:

  1. Warren J. Connell, George Mason University, A Quantitative Framework for Cyber Moving Target Defenses, co-director with Prof. Massimiliano Albanese, August 2017.
  2. Mahmoud Awad, George Mason University, Dynamic Derivation of Analytical Performance Models in Autonomic Systems, April 2017.
  3. John Ewing, George Mason University, Autonomic Performance Optimization with Application to Self-Architecting Software Systems, April 2015.
  4. Arwa Aldhalaan, Autonomic, Optimal, and Near-Optimal Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing, George Mason University, April 2015.
  5. Shouvik Bardhan, Design and Modeling of Schedulers for Multi-Task Jobs on Computer Clusters, George Mason University, April 2015.
  6. Firas Alomari, An Autonomic Framework for Integrating Security and Quality of Service Support in Databases, George Mason University, May 2013.
  7. Serene Al-Momen, A Self-managed Healthcare Emergency Department System, George Mason University, April 2012.
  8. Faisal Sibai, Defeating Insider Attacks via Autonomic Self-Protective Networks, George Mason University, April 2012.
  9. Vinod Dubey, Quality of Service Management of Business Processes in Service Oriented Architecture, George Mason University, April 2010.
  10. Ghassan ``Gus'' Jabbour, The Insider Threat Security Architecture: An Integrated, Inseparable, and Uninterrupted Self-Protection Autonomic Framework, George Mason University, April 2010.
  11. Ram Narayan Krishnan, Group-Centric Secure Information Sharing Models, Chair and co-director, co-director: Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University, November 2009.
  12. David A. Wheeler, Fully Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling, Chair and co-director, co-director: Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University, November 2009.
  13. Venkata Bhamidipati, Architecture and Models for Administration of User-Role Assignment in Role Based Access Control, Chair and co-director, co-director: Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University, November 2008.
  14. Zhixiong ``Jim'' Zhang, Scalable Role and Organizational Based Access Control and its Administration, George Mason University, Chair and co-director, co-director: Ravi Sandhu, April 2008.
  15. Vasudeva Akula, Workload Characterization and Business-oriented Performance Improvement Techniques for Online Auction Sites, George Mason University, February 2007.
  16. Mohamed Bennani, Autonomic Computing Through Analytic Performance Models, George Mason University, May 2006.
  17. Monchai Sopitkamol, Experimental Study of Performance Sensitivity of Configurable Parameters of Web-based Systems, George Mason University, November 2004.
  18. Ibrahim S. Abdullah, Meta-Protocol: On-the-Fly Protocol Agreement and Code Generation, George Mason University, March 2004.
  19. Harry J. Foxwell, A Web-based System for Representing, Retrieving, and Visualizing Analogies, George Mason University, April 2003.
  20. Alan Harbitter, A Methodology for Analyzing the Performance of Authentication Protocols, PhD in Computer Science, George Mason University, November 2002.
  21. Ronald Dodge, Improving E-commerce System Performance with Dynamic System Tuning, George Mason University, April 2001.(co-director: D. Barbara)
  22. Hai L. Le, Hyperlearning: a non-linear, variable path, variable time, fixed outcome model for on-line self-assessment and certification, George Mason University, December 1997.
  23. Odysseas I. Pentakalos, Performance Evaluation of Hierarchical Mass Storage Systems, University of Maryland Baltimore County, April 1996.
  24. Adelia Cecilia Goncalves Nunes, A Multicache Architecture with Integrated Coherence and Concurrency Control, PUC-RIO, May 1991.
  25. Luis Carlos Trevelin, A Methodology for the Performance Evaluation of Real Time Applications in Parallel Architectures, PUC-RIO, April 1991.
  26. Leonardo Lellis Pereira Leite, Design and Performance Evaluation of Isolated and Interconnected Local Networks, PUC-Rio, October 1985.
  27. Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares, Design and Development of Protocols for Local Computer Networks, PUC-Rio, December 1983.
  28. Tatuo Nakanishi, Performance Evaluation of Concurrency Control Mechanisms for Database Systems, PUC-Rio, September 1981.