Short Bio: Hello, my name is Mohan Krishnamoorthy. I am a PhD student in the Computer Science (CS) department at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia (USA). I have been a Research Assistant (RA) in GMU since Jan 2013 (See Synopsis, Publications, Blog for more information). Prioir to GMU, I worked as a RA in Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for 18 months and then as a Research Technologist for 23 months (See CV and Publications for more information). I also have a masters in Computer Science (CS) from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and a bachelors degree in computer engineering from Mumbai University (MU).

Research Interests:

  • decision support systems including decesion optimization systems and simulation algorithms,
  • autonomic computing, and
  • performance models

PhD Research: My PhD research involves providing efficinet algorithms and architecture for decision support of Buffered Temporal Flow Processes (BTFP). The title of my dissertation is "Efficient Decision Support System for Buffered and Temporal Flow Processes". I summarize my research in Synnopsis with published papers in Publications.

My CV can be found here.


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