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The Full Collection of Data and Reports
An Analysis of OO Mutation Operators

Posted by Nan Li

The paper has been published in Mutation 2011, Berlin, Germany. All data used in the experiment are provided in this web page.

Jingyu Hu, Nan Li, and Jeff Offutt. An Analysis of OO Mutation Operators. Mutation 2011: 6th International Workshop on Mutation Analysis. Berlin, Germany. March 2011.
The subjects are: 38 Java classes drawn from freely available programs: CommissionEmployee and Employee from Deitel's Java textbook, Point from a homework assignment at GMU, and open source programs org.joda.time and javassist.

Click here to download all classes used in the experiment.

Test Cases
575 tests were generated to kill 98% of the non-equivalent mutants (3398).

Click here to download all test cases used in the experiment.

Results and Reports

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