SWE 205 Assignment 3
Spring 2018
Usability Problem : Due Thursday, 15 February

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
- Benjamin Spock

For next week, find a usability example where the implementation model of the interface differs from your mental model, leading to a UP. Consider whether your mental model is typical of most users, and if not, whether the interface might match typical mental models of other users.

Submit a short (less than a page) description of the mental model example. You can submit through Piazza or bring a hard copy to class. You can upload pictures or other supporting materials to the discussion board. Be prepared to explain your example to the class.

We will grade your submission partly on whether it is a legitimate violation of a mental model. Therefore, your submission must clearly explain your mental model, and how the UI violates it.

If you work collaboratively, include all names and a brief statement that describes each person’s contributions.