SWE 205 Assignment 5
Spring 2018
Usability Evaluation : Due Thursday, 22 March
(after spring break)

As technology matures, the planet is increasingly becoming enveloped in a “software skin” of interconnected, interdependent processes, under which software controls and regulates both the “blood flow” of information and the “mechanisms of action.”
-Mark Harman, 2009

Our next evaluation is for GMU’s Student Information System at https://patriotweb.gmu.edu/. Tell me which parts of the system you evaluate and describe the information that you access. Evaluate it from a standpoint of convenience for accessing the relevant information.

Submit a brief report. State which parts of the website you evaluated. Also fill out and submit a copy of the evaluation criteria and checklist provided.

Since everyone is evaluating the same UI, I want you to submit on paper in class and NOT on piazza.

Be prepared to explain your comments to the class.