If something is hard to use,
I just don't use it as much
—Steve Krug
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SWE 205 : Software Usability Analysis and Design
Schedule — Spring 2018

Meet Date Topic Readings / Handouts Assignments
123-Jan, Tue Introduction and Background Admin
An interview with Don Norman

225-Jan, Thur Users and Usability Principles Introduction
The book

330-Jan, Tue
Principles, Psychopathology,
and Engineering
N-Ch 1
9 Principles
Norman Ch1
Mason Holidays

41-Feb, Thur Examples and Discussion Randomizer
56-Feb, Tue Mental Models N-Ch 2-3
Norman Ch2
Norman Ch3

68-Feb, Thur Examples and Discussion  
713-Feb, Tue Error Messages N-Ch 4-5
N-Ch 4
N-Ch 5
Pop tart usability

815-Feb, Thur Examples and Discussion  
920-Feb, Tue Hypertext K-Ch 1
W3C's validator
Epic campus tour

1022-Feb, Thur Knowledge Acquisition Science
1127-Feb, Tue Website Design
Scanning and Choosing
K-Ch 2-4
K-Ch 2
K-Ch 3-4
Harlem Shake Mason Style

121-Mar, Thur Examples and Discussion  
136-Mar, Tue Defaults & Memory
Gunning Fog Index
K-Ch 5A
K-Ch 5B
midterm review
31 jokes

148-Mar, Thur Midterm Exam
 13-Mar, Tue Spring Break - no class
 15-Mar, Thur Spring Break - no class
1520-Mar, Tue Navigation & Flow Navigation
K-Ch 6

1622-Mar, Thur Examples and Discussion  
1727-Mar, Tue Accidental & Essential Problems
Excise Tasks
1829-Mar, Thur Navigation
Searching, Undo
Evolutionary design
N-Ch 6, K-Ch 7
Evolution Home pages
Navigation Undo

193-Apr, Tue Data Entry
N-Ch 7 Data entry

205-Apr, Thur Usable Security Usable Security
2110-Apr, Tue Professor on travel, no class
2212-Apr, Thur Professor on travel, no class
2317-Apr, Tue Dialog Boxes & Toolbars K-Ch 8

2419-Apr, Thur Mobile Usability & Courtesy K-Ch 10
K-Ch 11

2524-Apr, Tue Usability of Games Games
2626-Apr, Thur Analytical Thinking
Examples and Discussion
271-May, Tue Color Color
283-May, Thur Effective Habits
Wrapup and Review
7 Habits
 8-May, Tue Reading day Snow makeup day; no class
 10-May, Thur No class
2915-May, Tue FINAL EXAM 10:30 - 1:15  

Note: N-Ch. X means chapter X in Norman; K-Ch. X means chapter X in Krug