SWE 301 Course Assignment

In addition to the many items of knowledge about professionalism, SWE 301 students are expected to achieve specific goals:

By “appropriate,” I mean a position that is related to software engineering. Flipping hamburgers at Wendy’s is not an “appropriate internship position” (although if you need extra money, you can learn important life lessons working at a fast food joint), but designing and running system tests for a mobile application is. I would not consider creating HTML pages for a small business to be software engineering, but developing the back-end software is.

Thus, the assignments for this course are:

Of course, each student will end up with an individual story, but many of the ingredients will often be the same. These ingredients usually start with contacts: the University Career Services organization, classmates, family friends, potential employers, professors, etc.

You have four concrete deliverables that are due by the end of the semester:

  1. A sharable resume. Please post it on piazza. This should be posted before the jobs fair so that your classmates and instructor can give feedback.
  2. A professional linkedin account. This will help you grow your professional network. Demonstrate completion of this deliverable by connecting with me at linkedin.
  3. A written report. Each student will prepare a brief written report addressing the two areas identifed above. The report should identify as specifically as possible how you expect your academic coursework at Mason to be used during the internship. In the other direction, you should anticipate which experiences from the internship are likely to enhance subsequent coursework at Mason. For example, a student who finds an internship in web programming might expect that knowledge in a particular web programming technology might be useful on the job. To continue the example, that same student might expect that expertise gained in the internship would help the student to design software projects with better usability in subsequent Mason courses such as SWE 432. In SWE 401, you will revisit the report that you submit in 301 to assess how these expectations matched reality.
  4. An oral presentation. This will be based on the written report and will be delivered to the class. These reports are scheduled late in the semester.