SWE 401 Course Assignment

In addition to learning about professionalism, SWE 401 students are expected to contribute in two ways:

Thus, the assignment for this course has two concrete deliverables:
  1. A written report on your internship. Revisit your report from SWE 301 and prepare a comparative written document. You should discuss what you expected to happen vs. what actually happened. This document must be submitted on Piazza. When you do so, also include a copy of your 301 report.
  2. An oral report on your internship. Each student will also prepare an oral report based on the document and deliver it to the class. These reports are scheduled early in the semester so that SWE 301 students can benefit from them.

I also expect you to provide resources that can help the 301 students, including your resume (posted on piazza), job search tips, and your linkedin contact info.

Here are slides for a model SWE 401 Presentation. Unless you have specific additional information for 301 students, focus on the back half of this presentation.