SWE 432 Abstracts Page

Please choose the papers you would like to review by clicking in the box beside the paper. You can view the abstracts by clicking on the titles. Please select at least two.
Please also note your conflicts. You are conflicted with a paper if you are a co-author, a colleague at your institution is an author, one of your current or former students is an author, you have co-authored a paper with an author, or if you have some other relationship with an author that would prevent you from being objective.

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       Sten and Jeff
      Program Chairs, ICECCS 2001

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Review Conflict Title
ICECCS 2001 submission # IE01
UML forever
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP02
I love Z
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP03
I love OCL
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP04
Where am I?
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP05
This is a stupid paper
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP06
Concurrency is twice as cool.
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP07
Software architectures are big
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP08
My favorite paper
ICECCS 2001 submission # TP09
This web site is too slow