SWE 432

Design and Implementation of Software for the Web

File Transfer Instructions to OSF1

If you develop your files on a PC or other computer, you may need to transfer them to your osf1 account.

  1. To transfer files from local PC drive to osf1:

    Start an ftp session from a DOS window.
    C:\> ftp osf1.gmu.edu

    Note: If your files are in some other directory, then:
    C:\> cd <sub-directory path>
    C:\mydocu~1\swe432> ftp osf1.gmu.edu

    This starts the ftp session. Then type in your osf1 User ID and password.

    Transfer files in binary mode:

    Place the file on the osf1 server:
    ftp> put filename.extension

    Close ftp connection:

  2. Login and put the file in the correct directory

    Log in to osf1 using your usual method (telnet or ssh).

    If you don't have one, create your web directory and give it the correct permissions:
    osf1: chmod 755 .     (Home directory must be readable)
    osf1: mkdir public_html     (Directory where web pages go)
    osf1: chmod 755 public_html     (Web directory must be readable)

    Move your file into your web directory:
    osf1: mv filename.extension public_html

    Go into the web directory and set the permissions:
    osf1: cd public_html
    osf1: chmod 644 filename.extension

    This will place your file on osf1. You may need to update your links in the html files to point to the correct place.

    NOTE: Unlike DOS and Windows, Unix files are case sensitive. Thus, the files Hwk2-Offutt.html and hwk2-offutt.html are different on Unix, but the same on Windows. The case in your HTML links must match or they won't work. TEST EVERYTHING!

File Transfer Instructions to Hermes

Hermes is behind the IT&E firewall, so this takes two steps:

  1. Transferring files from Local disk to OSF1 server (domain: osf1.gmu.edu)
  2. Transferring files from OSF1 server to Hermes server (domain: hermes.gmu.edu)

Once your files are on osf1, you ftp them to hermes using the above instructions, with one difference. You must use sftp to transfer files between osf1 and hermes!

Note, if you put ssh on your PC, you will be able to use sftp to transfer files to osf1, which is somewhat simpler. ssh is "Secure SHell" and is similar to telnet. If you want it for your PC, get the free non-commercial version from www.ssh.com.)

Update, Fall 2003:
The ftp port on Hermes has been opened through the firewall, so you can ssh and sftp directly from off-campus to Hermes.

September 10, 2001.

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