SWE 432 Installation Instructions for jEdit

jEdit is a programmer's text editor written in Java. The recommended Java version for running jEdit is Java 2 version 1.3. However, jEdit will also run with Java versions as old as 1.1 (as long as Swing 1.1.1 is installed). See the compatibility page for details. jEdit can be installed on both windows and Unix. The following installations will help you get and install jEdit on your PC (You can find installation instructions for Unix at http://www.jedit.org/index.php?page=download&platform=unix).

  1. Down load jEdit. Download file jedit322install.jar from http://www.jedit.org/index.php?page=download&platform=windows.
  2. Install HTML-Kit is very simple. The following instructions are copied from http://www.jedit.org/index.php?page=download&platform=windows.
  3. To install jEdit, open an MS-DOS prompt (Start->Programs->MS-DOS Prompt), and enter the following commands:

    cd directory where you downloaded the JAR file
    java -jar filename.jar

    For example, if you downloaded jedit32install.jar into C:\Downloads, you would enter:

    cd C:\Downloads
    java -jar jedit32install.jar
  4. That's it!