SWE 437 Assignment 1
Spring 2018
Preliminary Concepts

Due 29-January, beginning of class

The true subject matter of the tester is not testing, but the design of test cases.

Answer the following questions. Bring hardcopies of your answers to class; either hand written or printouts. All homeworks are due before class on the due date. Please remember that the GMU Honor Code is in effect: You may use one of the collaborative options as specified on the syllabus, but any help not allowed by that policy will be an honor violation.

I strongly encourage you to work on questions 2 and 3 collaboratively, but each student must answer question 1 individually.

  1. (2 pts.) Introduce yourself on Piazza. Embed a picture inline. Then tell us your name, major, where you are from, your career goals, why you are taking this class, and what you expect to learn. Post as a followup discussion item to the TA’s introduction Note, @6 on Piazza.
    We will grade this question by checking on Piazza.

  2. (13 pts.) Ammann & Offutt, edition 2, Exercises chapter 1, Number 5. Answer questions (a) through (e) for countPositive() only. (You do not need to answer part g!)
    Submit your answers on paper at the beginning of next class.

  3. (5 pts.) Download the source files in quotes.zip. The Quotes Server (“quotes”) is a web application that displays quotes to the screen. It is written in Java with a combination of Java servlets, Java server pages, javascript, and XML. Quotes was originally developed as a SWE 432 project and we will be using it for future evolution and testing assignments. You will not need to be an expert in web apps to do these assignments, but you will need to understand how this small application works. For this assignment, all you need to do is download the files and examine them to see how well you can understand the code. You can download the files anywhere, but I recommend putting them in a repository like github.
    Submit a screen shot that shows where you put the quotes files.