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Quiz Number 5

SWE 437, Spring 2018
26 February


Print your name above the line, then answer the questions as concisely as you can. Please write neatly; if I can’t read your answer I have to mark it wrong.

  1. (4 pts.) Answer each of the following questions about maintenance and evolution with either a T=true or F=false:

    1.      Agile methods assume that modeling and analysis can identify potential problems early in development.

    2.      Agile methods emphasize software artifacts that can be executed.

    3.      In TDD, correctness is expressed as relative to a set of tests.

    4.      TDD can be done without test automation.

  2. (6 pts.) Consider the following JUnit Test Class:
        public class quiz5Test {
           private List list;
           @Before public void setUp() {
              list = new ArrayList();
           @Test public void test1() {
              list.add ("empanadas");
              assertEquals ("[empanadas]", list.toString());
           @Test public void test2() {
              list.add ("dumpling");
              list.add ("gnocci");
              assertEquals ("[burrito, gnocci]", list.toString());
           @Test (expected = NullPointerException.class)
           public void test3() {
              Min.min (list); // min() returns the min element
    1. What are the fixtures in this test class?

    2. How many times will the setUp() method be run?

    3. Does test3() need an assert statement? Why or why not?