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Quiz Number 1

SWE 637, Fall 2017
11 September

Print your name on the line, top right, then answer the questions as concisely as you can. Please write neatly; if I can’t read your answer I have to mark it wrong.

  1. (6 pts.) Using your intuition, design tests for the following statement. A test is simply a call to the printMessage() method with two boolean values.

    public void printMessage (boolean aMessageExists, boolean nameIsSuspicious)
       if (aMessageExists || nameIsSuspicious)
           print (messageA);
           print (messageB);

  2. (4 pts.) In one concise sentence, summarize the economic argument for investing more in early testing as opposed to late testing. (Note, a long rambling response will not receive full credit, even if the response contains a reasonable answer.)