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SWE 637 : Software Testing
Schedule—Fall 2017

Note: AO 0i means chapter i in Ammann and Offutt's book, edition 2 (draft). A solution manual is available.
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Meeting  Date  Topic & Readings Hwks Quizzes &
Number   Links     In-Class
128-Aug Administration and Responsibilties
Why Test Software?
   Smart developers want to test!
   2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most
   Dangerous Software Errors
Admin pptx
Responsibilities pptx
AO 1 pptx

 4-Sep Labor Day; No class      
211-Sep Model-Driven Test Design
Test Automation
   Testing matters!
AO 2 pptx
AO 3 pptx
3 18-Sep Putting Testing First
Coverage Criteria
   Testing matters!
AO 4 pptx
AO 5 pptx
425-Sep Input Space Partitioning
The Way of Testivus
AO 6.1-6.2 pptx
52-Oct Input Space Partitioning AO 6.2-6.3
6.4 pptx
The Columbus Day holiday is on Monday. Monday classes already had a vacation on Labor day, so classes on Tuesday are cancelled this week and Monday classes meet on Tuesday.
Yes, Mason can be a weird place ...
Graph Coverage
Graph coverage web app
Data flow coverage web app
   Samsung breaks national test scores
AO 7.1-7.2 pptx
716-Oct Graph Coverage for Code AO 7.3 pptx
823-Oct Design Graph Coverage
Specifications and Use Case Graphs
Code Coverage for Flash
AO 7.4 pptx
AO 7.5 pptx
AO 7.6 pptx
9 30-Oct
An inverted class
Logic Testing
Logic coverage web app
The Logical Song
AO 8.1 pptx
View recorded lectures
 on the book website
 before class
8.2 (skipping)
An inverted class
More Logic Testing
AO 8.3 pptx
View recorded lectures
 on the book website
 before class
1113-Nov Still More Logic Testing
Google tests everywhere
AO 8.4 pptx
AO 8.5 pptx
1220-Nov Syntax-based Testing AO 9.1 pptx
1327-Nov More Syntax-based Testing AO 9.2 pptx
AO 9.3 pptx

Code Defenders
144-Dec Still More Syntax-based Testing
10 Seriously Epic Software Failures
Course Wrap Up & Review
Crowd testing
AO 9.4 pptx Dropped
AO 9.5 pptx
Criteria Summary pptx
 11-Dec Reading day; No class
1518-Dec FINAL EXAM (4:30-7:15)      

This schedule is approximate and subject to change.
Last update December 2017