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SWE 637 : Software Testing
Schedule—Fall 2017

Note: AO 0i means chapter i in Ammann and Offutt's book, edition 2 (draft). A solution manual is available.
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Meeting  Date  Topic & Readings Hwks Quizzes &
Number   Links     In-Class
128-Aug Administration and Responsibilties
Why Test Software?
   Smart developers want to test!
   2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most
   Dangerous Software Errors
Admin pptx
Responsibilities pptx
AO 1 pptx
Hwk 1 In-class exercise
In-class exercise
 4-Sep Labor Day; No class      
211-Sep Model-Driven Test Design
Test Automation
   Testing matters!
AO 2 pptx
AO 3 pptx
Hwk 2 Quiz 1
In-class exercise
In-class exercise
3 18-Sep Putting Testing First
Coverage Criteria
   Testing matters!
AO 4 pptx
AO 5 pptx
Hwk 3 Quiz 2
In-class exercise
In-class exercise
425-Sep Input Space Partitioning
The Way of Testivus
AO 6.1-6.2 pptx Hwk 4 Quiz 3
In-class exercise
52-Oct Input Space Partitioning AO 6.2-6.3
6.4 pptx
  Quiz 4
The Columbus Day holiday is on Monday. Monday classes already had a vacation on Labor day, so classes on Tuesday are cancelled this week and Monday classes meet on Tuesday.
Yes, Mason can be a weird place ...
Graph Coverage
Graph coverage web app
Data flow coverage web app
   Samsung breaks national test scores
AO 7.1-7.2 pptx Hwk 5 Quiz 5
In-class exercise
716-Oct Graph Coverage for Code AO 7.3 pptx Hwk 6 Quiz 6
823-Oct Design Graph Coverage
Specifications and Use Case Graphs
Code Coverage for Flash
AO 7.4 pptx
AO 7.5 pptx
AO 7.6 pptx
Hwk 7 Quiz 7
In-class exercise
In-class exercise
9 30-Oct
An inverted class
Logic Testing
Logic coverage web app
The Logical Song
AO 8.1 pptx
View recorded lectures
 on the book website
 before class
8.2 (skipping)
Hwk 8 Quiz 8
An inverted class
More Logic Testing
AO 8.3 pptx
View recorded lectures
 on the book website
 before class
Hwk 9 Quiz 9
1113-Nov Still More Logic Testing
Google tests everywhere
AO 8.4 pptx
AO 8.5 pptx
Hwk 10 Quiz 10
1220-Nov Syntax-based Testing AO 9.1 pptx Hwk 11 Quiz 11
In-class exercise
1327-Nov More Syntax-based Testing AO 9.2 pptx
AO 9.3 pptx
Hwk 12 Quiz 12
Code Defenders in-class
Code Defenders
144-Dec Still More Syntax-based Testing
10 Seriously Epic Software Failures
Course Wrap Up & Review
Crowd testing
AO 9.4 pptx Dropped
AO 9.5 pptx
Criteria Summary pptx
Review pptx
  Quiz 13
In-class exercise
 11-Dec Reading day; No class
1518-Dec FINAL EXAM (4:30-7:15)      

This schedule is approximate and subject to change.
Last update August 2017