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INFT 824: Analysis of Software for Testing
INFT 821 -- Special Topics in Software Engineering
Course Syllabus -- Fall 1999
Jeff Offutt
Office: S&T II 355, 993-1654, fax: 993-1638
Class Hours: Tue 4:30 -- 0710, Robinson B118
Office Hours: Anytime electronically, Tue 2:00 -- 4:00, or by appointment

NOTE: INFT 821 can be taken several times, providing the content is different each time. This course has been approved as its own course, INFT 824, but was left out of this year's catalog because of a paperwork mistake.

Tentative Schedule
Fall 1999

  1. Background
  2. Software representation methods
  3. Software representation methods
  4. Applications

Jeff Offutt
Tue Aug 10 1999