Jeff Offutt

PhD, Computer Science
Professor of Software Engineering
George Mason University
I can't work my best unless I live my best.
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Old News

Mason Software Engineering seminars
Jan 2014
Software engineering is the best job in America, so says US News & World Report
Apr 2014
Notable article for 2013. My opinion piece "Putting the Engineering into Software Engineering Education" was selected by ACM and ThinkLoud as a notable article for 2013:
Jan 2013
Winner of the 2013 George Mason Teaching Excellence Award. (Portfolio in PDF)
Mar 2014
Invited speaker at the ICST PhD Symposium
How to get your paper rejected
Oct 2013
Keynote Speaker at SBES: Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES), Brazilia Brazil
Jul 2013
Instructor at ISSTC. Intl Summer School on Trends in Computing, Tarragona Spain
Slides: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Jun 2013
Instructor at INFORTE Summer School, Oulu Finland
Sep 2013
Panelist. Panelist: Mason's Future of Higher Education Forum
Sep 2013
Speaker at ITL: Mason's Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference
May 2012
Piazza blog: Writeup of my online class, SWE 763, Software Engineering Experimentation
May 2012
Keynote talk at the Software Engineering Education Workshop   Slides
Aug 2011
NoVa TAIG Speaker: Northern Virginia Test Automation Interest Group   Slides
Aug 2010
An interview in LogiGear's magazine
May 2011
ASEE&T. Teaching software testing @ ASEE&T   Slides
Oct 2010
GTAC keynote talk at Google's Test Automation Conference (GTAC): "Automatically Generating Test Data for Web Applications," Hyderabad India. Slides YouTube
Sep 2009
ACS / SWE: A new GMU undergraduate Software Engineering Program.
Jul 2010
Softtec Keynote. Keynote speaker at Softec: "The Model-Driven Test Design Process" and "Automatically Generating Test Data for Web Applications," Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Jun 2010
Speaker at TAROT. Invited lecturer at TAROT summer school: "The Model-Driven Test Design Process" and "Testing Dynamic Aspects of Web Applications," Graz Austria. Slides Slides
Sep 2009
Keynote speaker at Conquest: "Model-Driven Test Design Process," September 2009, Nuremberg Germany.
Jul 2009
Keynote speaker at SSIRI: "Automatic Test Data Generation : Who, When and Where?", Shanghai China.
Jun 2009
Speaker at IDGA Mililtary Test & Evaluation Summit: "Model-Driven Test Design Process," Tysons Corner Virginia.
Apr 2009
ICST 2009. International Conference on Software Testing (ICST 2009) in Denver, USA ICST Logo
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