A Few Picture Collections

My favorites These are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Most are taken with my 35 millimeter Pentax, but a few with my Olympus digital 3.2MP, 10X zoom.
My flower garden I've had lots of fun trying to get a good focus on flowers. Getting a good focus is not easy, but worth the effort.
Reflections I'm always fascinated by the way images reflect off of water.
Mutation 2007, Sept 2007 Mutation Workshop 2007, Windsor England, Sept 2007
Rio De Janerio, Brazil, Sept 2006 International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering, Rio De Janerio, Brazil
Nasslingen, Sweden, August 2006 Teaching at 2006 ARTES summer school, Nasslingen Sweden
Shanghai China, June 2004 A visit to Shanghai China, plus Su Zhou and Zhou Zhuang
Boating in Sweden, Aug 2004 A boating trip in Sweden with Sten Andler
Columbia Gorge, Aug 2004 Columbia River Gorge, August 2004
Party for my PhD students, May 2004 A party for some of my PhD students, May 2004. Sorry, I was too busy being "host" to take pictures of everybody!
Korea, June 2003 I had a chance to visit Seoul and Daejon, Korea.
ARTES summer school, Sweden I was fortunate enough to be a teacher at ARTES summer school, Nasslingen island, near Stockholm Sweden.
Some of my students A collection of some of my graduate students, past and present.

Lecturing in China ... 2004 Jeff's picture