Mutation Operators for Ada

Technical Report ISSE-TR-96-09, Information and Software Systems Engineering, George Mason University. October 1996.

Jeff Offutt, Jeff Voas, and Jeff Payne.


Mutation analysis is a method for testing software. It provides a method for assessing the adequacy of test data. This report describes the mutation operators defined for the Ada programming language. The mutation operators are categorized using syntactic criteria, in a form suitable for an implementor of a mutation-based system, or a tester wishing to understand how mutation analysis can be used to test Ada programs. Each mutation operator is carefully defined, and when appropriate, implementation notes and suggestions are provided. We include operators for all syntactic elements of Ada, including exception handling, generics, and tasking. A summary table listing all operators for Ada, and compared with C and Fortran operators is also provided. The design described here is the result of deliberations among the authors in which all aspects of the Ada language and software development in Ada were considered. These operators can also be viewed as the culmination of previous mutation operator definitions for other languages. This report is intended to serve as a manual for the Ada mutation operators.

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