Anatomy of a Software Engineering Project

Proceedings of the 1988 SIGCSE Technical Symposium, IEEE Computer Society Press, pages 129--133, Atlanta, GA, February 1988.

Cathy Bullard, Inez Caldwell, Jay Harrell, Cis Hinkle, and Jeff Offutt.


This paper discusses a complete software development project carried out in a one quarter undergraduate software engineering course. The project was the design and implementation of a complete system by 25 students. They worked in smaller groups on four functionally separate subsystems that were successfully integrated into a complete system. This was accomplished by using five advanced students to manage the groups, real users to criticize each step of the process, and UNIX tools to implement the subsystems. This paper describes the project, presents the methodologies used, and discusses both the positive and negative aspects of this course. It concludes by presenting a set of recommendations based on our experience with this project.

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