UML-based Integration Testing for Component-based Software

The 2nd International Conference on COTS-Based Software Systems (ICCBSS), pages 251-260, Ottawa, Canada, February 2003

Ye Wu, Mei-Hwa Chen and Jeff Offutt


Component-based software engineering is increasingly being adopted for software development. Currently, components delivered by component providers only include specifications of the interfaces. This imposes significant difficulties on adequate testing of an integrated component-based system. Without source code, many testing techniques will not be applicable. UML, a modeling language, has been widely adopted in component-based software development process. Many of its useful tools, such as interaction diagrams, statechart diagrams, and component diagrams, characterize the behavior of a component in various aspect, and thus can be used in testing component-based systems. In this paper, we first analyze different test elements that are critical to test component-based software, Then we propose a group of UML-based test elements, test adequacy criteria to test component-based software.

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