An Extended Overview of the Mothra Software Testing Environment

Second Workshop on Software Testing, Verification, and Analysis, pages 142--151, Banff, Canada, July 1988.

Rich DeMillo, Dany Guindi, Kim King, Mike M. McCracken, and Jeff Offutt.


Mothra is a software testing environment that supports mutation-based testing of software systems. Mothra is interactive; it provides a high-bandwidth user interface to make software testing faster and less painful. Mothra currently runs on a variety of systems under 4.3BSD UNIX, UNIX System V, and ULTRIX-32 1.2. This paper begins with a brief introduction to mutation analysis. We then take the reader on a guided tour of Mothra, emphasizing how it interacts with the tester. Then we present with a short discussion of Mothra's internal design. Next, we discuss some major problems with using mutation analysis and discuss possible solutions. We conclude by presenting a solution to one of these problem\(ema new method of automatically generating mutation-adequate test data.

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