MuJava: A Mutation System for Java

MuJava: A Mutation System for Java. 28th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 06), tool demo, pages 827-830. May 2006, Shanghai, China.

Jeff Offutt, Yu-SeungMa and Yong-Rae Kwon


Mutation testing is a valuable experimental research technique that has been used in many studies. It has been experimentally compared with other test criteria, and also used to support experimental comparisons of other test criteria, by using mutants as a method to create faults. In effect, mutation is often used as a "gold standard" for experimental evaluations of test methods. Although mutation testing is powerful, it is a complicated and computationally expensive testing method. Therefore, automated tool support is indispensable for conducting mutation testing. This demo presents a publicly available mutation system for Java that supports both method-level mutants and class-level mutants. MuJava can be freely downloaded and installed with relative ease under both Unix and Windows. MuJava is offered as a free service to the community and we hope that it will promote the use of mutation analysis for experimental research in software testing.

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