Mutation-based Testing Criteria for Timeliness.

28th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2004). September 2004, pages 306-312, Hong Kong.

Robert Nilsson, Jeff Offutt and Sten F. Andler


Temporal correctness is crucial to the dependability of real-time systems. Few methods exist to test for temporal correctness and most existing methods are ad -hoc. A problem with testing real-time applications is the dependency on the execution ti me and execution order of individual tasks. Thus, the response times for the tasks may be non-deterministic with respect to inputs. Conventional test coverage criteria ignore task interleaving and timing and, thus d o not help determine which execution orders need to be exercised to test for tempor al correctness. This paper presents a test criteria based on mutation to test timeliness. We also show how previously proposed methods in specification based testing can be applied to testing real-time systems.

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