The SOFL Approach: An Improved Principle for Requirements Analysis

Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan
39(6):19731989, June 1998.

Shaoying Liu, Jeff Offutt, Mitsuru Ohba, and Keijiro Araki


In this paper we point out three major deficiencies of Data Flow Dagrams (DFDs) for requirements analysis. One is that the rule for decomposing a process is impractical, another is an inconvenience in drawing data flows for complex DFDs, and the third is the lack of precision in process specifications. This paper presents an improved approach using SOFL (Structured-Object-oriented-Formal Language) to show how those three deficiencies can be addressed. This approach ca be applied to make the use of DFDs more practical, scalable, and more accessible to industrial users.

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