Generating Tests from UML Specifications

Second International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language (UML99), Fort Collins, CO, October 1999.

Jeff Offutt and Aynur Abdurazik


Although most industry testing of complex software is conducted at the system level, most formal research has focused on the unit level. As a result, most system level testing techniques are only described informally. This paper presents a novel technique that adapts pre-defined state-based specification test data generation criteria to generate test cases from UML statecharts. UML statecharts provide a solid basis for test generation in a form that can be easily manipulated. This technique includes coverage criteria that enable highly effective tests to be developed. To demonstrate this technique, a tool has been developed that uses UML statecharts produced by Rational Software Corporation's Rational Rose tool to generate test data. Experimental results from using this tool are presented.

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