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Mothra was developed in the mid 1980s at the Georgia Institute of Technology by members of the Department of Information and Computer Science and the Software Engineering Research Center. The Mothra project was funded by Rome Air Development Center and was directed by Dr. Richard DeMillo. The majority of the design was by Dr. DeMillo and Dr. Jeff Offutt as part of his PhD dissertation work. Various other students, faculty, and research staff worked on the project, including Dr. Kim King, Dr. Ed Krauser, Rhonda Martin, Mike McCracken, and Dr. Gene Spafford. After the primary implementation was completed in 1987, it was later extended and used by a number of researchers at Purdue, Clemson, Bellcore, and George Mason.

The software here has been modified by Offutt and his students. It is available for research and educational use only; nothing on this web site may be used any commercial or private profit. The files available here include the source and Sun executable for Mothra, most of which are stored in a tarred format. The primary file is Mothra.tar. The papers below is not a complete list of Mothra-related papers; I have merely listed most of mine.

Note: Please note that this software is quite old. Mothra was written in C and works on Fortran-77 programs. All software here is supplied as-is and no support is available (for example, the last time I tried to compile Mothra I was not successful).

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