Introduction to Software Testing

(Edition 2)

Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt

Notes & materials Last update
Table of Contents August 2016
Preface, with chapter mappings September 2016
Power Point SlidesApril 2019
Video MaterialsMarch 2016
Student Solution ManualDecember 2018
Instructor Solution Manual

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December 2018
In-Class ExercisesMarch 2017
Complete Programs From TextMarch 2019
Errata ListJune 2010
Support software 
Graph Coverage Web App (Ch 7)
Data Flow Coverage Web App (Ch 7)
Logic Coverage Web App (Ch 8)
DNF Logic Coverage Web App (Ch 8)
muJava Mutation Tool (Ch 9)
February 2017
Publisher’s materials 
Front matter, including preface and contents (PDF)
Chapter 1 (PDF)
Author’s course websitesLast taught
SWE 437 (Ammann)Fall 2018
SWE 637 (Ammann)Spring 2019
SWE 737 (Ammann)Spring 2018
SWE 437 (Offutt)Spring 2019
SWE 637 (Offutt)Fall 2018
SWE 737 (Offutt)Spring 2017
The authors donate all royalties from book sales to a scholarship fund for software engineering students at George Mason University.
This is the website for the second edition of the book Introduction to Software Testing. The book was released December 2016 with a copyright date of 2017. Desk copies can be requested from the publisher’s website.
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Latest news
  • January 2022: The book is now available in Arabic
  • December 2016: Edition 2 has been shipped and is available in bookstores
  • October 2016: Book is in press and is now expected the last week of November
  • September 2016: Type setting complete, expecting an October release
  • August 2016: Finished page proofs
  • March 2016: Shipped edition 2 of the book to Cambridge University Press.
    • Added videos for sections 8.1 and 8.3.
    • Updated PPTX.
    • Completed solutions manuals.
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Translation by Fatmah Assiri
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