The first royalty checks are in!
The first donation: Dean Lloyd Griffiths, Paul Ammann, and Jeff Offutt.
Photo by Jonathan Goldman.

Software Engineering Scholarship Fund

On November 7, 2008, Paul and Jeff happily donated their very first royalty checks to the newly created Software Engineering Scholarship Fund at George Mason University. Dr. Lloyd Griffiths, Dean of the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, received the checks.

The Fund supports students studying software engineering at George Mason University.

We donate 100% of our royalties from Introduction to Software Testing to the Fund. We challenge our local corporations, fellow faculty, students, alumni, and friends to join us in contributing to the Fund. Contributers should direct donations to the Software Engineering Scholarship Fund. You can contribute online by filling out the form, choosing "Other fund not listed", and specifying "Software Engineering Scholarship Fund" in comment box. Feel free to send us any questions about this process to

Or, you can contribute by simply buying the book. Each new text sold generates about $6 for the Fund.

Status: As of the arrival of the second edition (December 2016) total contributions to the Software Engineering Scholarship Fund exceed $20,000.

Awardees: The Software Enginering Scholarship Fund has benefitted the following students: