Syllabus Schedule

SWE 637: Software Testing and Quality Evaluation

This syllabus is from a graduate course at George Mason University. SWE 637 is an elective in the Masters of Software Engineering program that is taught every semester. It is taken by 30 to 40 masters students in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Information and Software Assurance; and PhD students in Information Technology and Computer Science. The class meets one day per week for 2.5 hours in the early evening. The links to the quizzes and the slides have been disabled.

Note: AO i means chapter i in Ammann and Offutt's book. Check out the book website for a solution manual and other resources.
pdf means a handout is available.
Some parts of this website are password protected. The password will be distributed in class.

Meeting  Date  Topic Reading Hwks Quizzes
18/28 Introduction and Background
   Testing matters!
AO 1.1-1.2 pdf Hwk 1 sol'n  
29/4 Graph Coverage
Graph coverage web app
AO 2.1-2.2 pdf Hwk 2 sol'n Quiz 1
3 9/11 Graph Coverage for Code
Agitar demo (Joel Patterson)
AO 2.3 pdf
Agitar JUnit factory
Hwk 3 Quiz 2
49/18 Graph Coverage for Other Artifacts AO 2.4-2.5 pdf pdf Hwk 4 sol'n Quiz 3
59/25 Use Case Graph Coverage AO 2.6-2.7 pdf pdf   Quiz 4
6 10/2 Logic Testing
Logic coverage web app
AO 3.1-3.2 pdf Hwk 5 sol'n Quiz 5
 10/9 Columbus day recess; No class      
710/16 More Logic Testing AO 3.3-3.4 pdf pdf Hwk 6 sol'n Quiz 6
8 10/23 Still More Logic Testing
Input Space Partitioning
AO 3.5 pdf
AO 4.1 pdf
Hwk 7
sol'n A  sol'n B
Quiz 7
910/30 Input Space Partitioning AO 4.2-4.3 pdf Hwk 8 sol'n Quiz 8
10 11/6 Syntax-based Testing AO 5.1-5.2 pdf pdf Hwk 9  sol'n Quiz 9
1111/13 Syntax-based Testing AO 5.3-5.5
pdf pdf pdf
Hwk 10 Quiz 10
1211/20 Practical Considerations
AO 6.1-6.4 pdf none Quiz 11
1311/27 Technologies AO 7.1-7.2
pdf pdf
Web test tools
10 worst web failures
Hwk 11 Quiz 12
1412/4 Building Tools
Course Wrap Up
AO 8.1 pdf
AO 9.2-9.3 pdf pdf
  Quiz 13
1512/11 FINAL EXAM (4:30-7:15)