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Jeff Offutt & Paul Ammann
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FileChapter SectionLast Update
Ch 1. Introduction
Ch1-Introduction.ppt   1.1 Activities of a Test EngineerJan 2011
"   1.2 Software Testing Limitations and Terminology"
"   1.3 Coverage Criteria for Testing"
"   1.4 Older Software Testing Terminology"
   modelDrivenTestDesign.pptx   1.1 Model-Driven Test Design Process
         (Now included in Chapter 1's slides)
Oct 2008
Ch1-junit.pptOct 2011
Ch1-advancedJunit.pptApr 2011
Ch1-Intro-summary.pptFeb 2010
New Slides to Replace Chapter 1
We are currently working on the second edition. A major change is to expand the old Chapter 1 into Part 1 with five
chapters. All chapter numbers will change in the new edition. Below are slides for four of these chapters. These were
class-tested in our MS-level course in software testing Fall 2013. Comments, questions, and corrections are welcome.
Ch01-whyTest.pptx2nd Edition, Part 1, Ch 1: Why Test SoftwareAug 2013
Ch02-mdtd.pptx2nd Edition, Part 1, Ch 2: Model-Driven Test DesignAug 2013
Ch03-automation.pptx2nd Edition, Part 1, Ch 3: Test AutomationSep 2013
Ch05-criteria.pptx2nd Edition, Part 1, Ch 5: Criteria-Based Test DesignSep 2013
The Remaining Slides Are for the First Edition
Ch 2. Graph Testing
Ch2-1-2-overviewGraphCoverage.ppt   2.1 OverviewSep 2012
"   2.2 Graph Coverage Criteria"
Ch2-3-sourceCode.ppt   2.3 Graph Coverage for Source CodeFeb 2014
Ch2-4-design.ppt   2.4 Graph Coverage for Design ElementsOct 2012
Ch2-5-spec.ppt   2.5 Graph Coverage for SpecificationsOct 2012
Ch2-6-useCases.ppt   2.6 Graph Coverage for Use CasesSept 2013
Ch2-7-graphAlg.ppt   2.7 Representing Graphs AlgebraicallyFeb 2010
New Slides to Replace Chapter 2
We are currently working on the second edition. The old chapter 2 will become chapter 06. These were
class-tested in our MS-level course in software testing Fall 2013. Comments, questions, and corrections are welcome.
Ch06-1-2-overviewGraphCoverage.pptx2nd Edition, Part 2, Ch 6: Graph Coverage CriteriaSep 2013
Ch06-3-sourceCode.pptx   2nd Edition, part 2, ch 06.3: Graph Coverage for Source CodeSep 2013
Ch06-4-design.pptx   2nd Edition, part 2, ch 06.4: Graph Coverage for Design ElementsSep 2013
Ch06-5-spec.pptx   2nd Edition, part 2, ch 06.5: Graph Coverage for SpecificationsOct 2013
Ch06-6-useCases.pptx   2nd Edition, part 2, ch 06.6: Graph Coverage for Use CasesSep 2013
Ch 3. Logic Testing
Ch3-1-2-overviewLogicExpr.ppt   3.1 Overview-Logic Predicates and ClausesJune 2014
"   3.2 Logic Expression Coverage Criteria"
Ch3-3-sourceLogic.ppt   3.3 Structural Logic Coverage of ProgramsApr 2014
Ch3-4-specLogic.ppt   3.4 Specification-based Logic CoverageJune 2014
Ch3-5-FSMLogic.ppt   3.5 Logic Coverage of Finite State MachinesOct 2013
Ch3-6-DNFCriteria.pptx   3.6 Disjunctive Normal Form CriteriaMar 2011
Ch 4. Input Space Partitioning
Ch4-ISP.ppt   4.1 Input Domain ModelingNov 2013
"   4.2 Combination Strategies Criteria"
"   4.3 Constraints Among Partitions"
Ch 5. Syntax-based Testing
Ch5-1-overviewSyntax.ppt   5.1 Syntax-based Coverage CriteriaNov 2013
Ch5-2-source.ppt   5.2 Program-based GrammarsNov 2013
Ch5-3-integrateMut.ppt   5.3 Integration and Object-Oriented TestingNov 2013
Ch5-4-modelBased.ppt   5.4 Specification-based GrammarsNov 2010
Ch5-5-inputs.ppt   5.5 Input Space GrammarsDec 2012
Ch 6. Practical Considerations
Ch6-practical.ppt   6.1 Regression TestingDec 2013
"   6.2 Integration and Testing"
"   6.3 Test Process"
"   6.4 Test Plans"
"   6.5 Identifying Correct Outputs"
Ch 7. Engineering Criteria for Technologies
Ch7-1-ooAnalysis.ppt   7.1 Testing Object-Oriented SoftwareDec 2013
Ch7-2-webtest.ppt   7.2 Testing Web Applications and Web ServicesDec 2012
TBD   7.3 Testing Graphical User Interfaces 
TBD   7.4 Real-time Software and Embedded Software 
Ch 8. Building Testing Tools
Ch8-1-instrument.ppt   8.1 Instrumentation for Graph and Logical Expression CriteriaDec 2010
TBD   8.2 Building Mutation Testing Tools 
Ch 9. Challenges in Testing Software
Ch9-1-emergent.ppt   9.1 Testing for Emergent Properties: Safety and SecurityFeb 2010
Ch9-2-testability.ppt   9.2 Software TestabilityFeb 2010
Ch9-3-future.ppt   9.3 Test Criteria and the Future of Software TestingDec 2011
CoverageSummary-lastlecture.pptCoverage SummaryNov 2013
Last update: December 2014.