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Jeff Offutt & Paul Ammann
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FileChapter SectionDate Moved HereLast Update
1. Introduction
modelDrivenTestDesign.pptx   1.1 Model-Driven Test Design Process
         (Now included in Chapter 1's slides)
Fall 200816-Oct-2008
Ch1 slides, Spring 2010Before adding structure, outlines, and some reorganizationSpring 201024-Feb-2010
Ch1 slides, Fall 2009Before adding more information about the MDTD,
and example software failures
Fall 200915-Dec-2009
2. Graph Testing
3. Logic Testing
Ch3.3 slides, Fall 2011Changed the example from Triang to Thermostat.
Thermostat is smaller and more illustrative.
October 201119-Oct-2011
4. Input Space Partitioning
5. Syntax-based Testing
6. Practical Considerations
7. Engineering Criteria for Technologies
8. Building Testing Tools
9. Challenges in Testing Software
Last update: 3 January, 2008.