This page contains example Java programs for the book Introduction to Software Testing by Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt, Cambridge University Press. These programs are available for instructors, students and readers of the book. The authors reserve the copyright on all programs, but grant permission for them to be used for educational purposes. The programs can be modified as long as the authorship and reference to the book remains intact.

Programs that are in the book in partial form have been augmented with a main() method so they can be run from the command line. All programs have been compiled with Java 1.5.

The C# versions were contributed by Aresh Saharkhiz of Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines.

The authors welcome corrections, updates and additions. We will be glad to credit any contributors to these programs.

Jeff Offutt & Paul Ammann
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Program (Java)Program (C#)LocationLast Update
1. Introduction 1.2, page 1228-Jan-2008 1.2, page 1628-Aug-2008 1.2, page 1628-Aug-2008 1.2, page 1627-Jan-2008 1.2, page 1628-Aug-2008
2. Graph Testing Section 2.3, page 5628-Jan-2008 2.3, page 613-Jun-2008 2.3, page 6228-Jan-2008 2.3, page 6328-Jan-2008 2.4, page 7128-Jan-2008 2.4, page 7428-Jan-2008 2.5, page 8028-Jan-2008 2.5, page 8628-Jan-2008 2.3, slides27-Sept-2010
3. Logic Testing 3.3, page 12128-Jan-2008 3.3, page 13028-Jan-2008 3.3, page 13028-Jan-2008 Section 3.3, page 13111-Jun-2014 3.4, page 13228-Jan-2008
4. Input Space Partitioning 4.2, page 16426-Mar-2008
5. Syntax-based Testing 5.2, page 18928-Jan-2008 5.2, page 18928-Jan-2008 Section 5.2, page 18911-Jun-2014 Section 5.2, page 18911-Jun-2014 5.2, page 19028-Jan-2008 5.2, page 19128-Jan-2008
6. Practical Considerations
7. Engineering Criteria for Technologies
f.javaSection 7.1, page 24228-Jan-2008
8. Building Testing Tools
9. Challenges in Testing Software
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