In-Class Exercise
Syllabus Concept Inventory (SCI)

Introduction to Software Testing, Edition 2
Ammann & Offutt

This is an in-class group exercise. These questions pertain to the SWE 637 syllabus, spring 2016. You can work with as many of your classmates as you wish. Print all names on the right side of the page, above the line.

  1. How many books are required for SWE 637?

  2. How many times does a form of the word “test” appear in the learning outcomes?

  3. You should read the assigned material …
    1.      After class
    2.      During class
    3.      Before class
    4.      Before the next exam

  4. True or False: All homeworks must be done individually.

  5. Homeworks are due
    1.      8 AM
    2.      Before class
    3.      After class
    4.      5 PM
    5.      Midnight

  6. True or False: Quizzes can be made up any time.

  7. In-class exercises will be (mark all that are always true) …
    1.      Scheduled for every class meeting
    2.      Graded on a scale of 1-10
    3.      Announced during class
    4.      Individual work
    5.      Graded pass/fail
    6.      Due the next class meeting

  8. Late homeworks receive …
    1.      0 points
    2.      A letter grade deduction per week
    3.      A 10% deduction per week

  9. Participation on the discussion board is …
    1.      Optional
    2.      Worth 5% of the overall grade
    3.      Worth 10% of the overall grade
    4.      A waste of time

  10. Computers can be used in class …
    1.      Anytime
    2.      Never
    3.      Anytime except during lectures

  11. True or False: You must make an appointment before coming to office hours.

  12. What percentage of the final grade is the midterm exam worth?