In-Class Exercise
Chapters 2 & 3 Concept Inventory (CI)

Introduction to Software Testing, Edition 2
Ammann & Offutt

This is an in-class individual exercise. These questions pertain to Chapters 02 and 03 in the book. In my lectures, I will assume you have read the chapters and can give reasonable answers to these questions. You should do this exercise individually. You have 10 minutes.

  1. (Ch. 02) What is the RIPR model?

  2. (Ch. 02) How are test requirements and test criteria related?

  3. (Ch. 02) What is model-driven test design?

  4. (Ch. 03) Name as many components of a test as you can.

  5. (Ch. 03) What is controllability?

  6. (Ch. 03) What is a data driven test?