In-Class Exercise
Chapter 4 & 5 Concept Inventory (CI)

Introduction to Software Testing, Edition 2
Ammann & Offutt

This is an in-class group exercise. These questions pertain to Chapters 04 and 05 in the book. In my lecture, I will assume you have read the chapters and can give reasonable answers to these questions. Consult with your classmates, but my expectation is that each individual can answer these questions. You have 10 minutes.

  1. (Ch. 04) What is “correctness” in agile processes?

  2. (Ch. 04) Do TDD tests do a good job testing the software?

  3. (Ch. 04) Can we automate our tests without TDD?

  4. (Ch. 04) Can we use TDD without automating our tests?

  5. (Ch. 05) What four structures do we use for test criteria?

  6. (Ch. 05) What usually prevents our tests from achieving 100% coverage?