Instructions for STVR Board Members using Manuscript Central

Originally from Matt Smith at Wiley.
Updated May 2016 by Jeff Offutt.

This message contains basic instructions for handling papers within MC.

Step 1 - Create a new account.

Most of you already have an account with Manuscript Central (MC). If not, visit and click on “Create An Account” at the top of the page. After creating your account, please inform Rob and I so that we can upgrade your account to handle papers.

Step 2 - Handling papers.

You will get an email when a manuscript has been assigned to you. Log on to and click on the Review Editor Center button. You should see the Review Editor dashboard.

The left hand side has several queues. A manuscript will appear in the top queue, “Awaiting Reviewing Selections,” and as you take actions on the manuscript it will descend through the queues until it is ready for you to make a recommendation to the Editor.

Step 3 - Processing articles.

ScholarOne provides a comprehensive list of guides and movie tutorials via the “Get Help Now” link at the top right corner of every Manuscript Central page. To get to the Editor parts click on the “Online Documentation and Training” link in the “Get Help Now” area. You will be asked to login using your usual Manuscript Central login.

Please find links below to the most useful movie tutorials. Using these links should not require you to log in.