SWE 437 Homework 11
Spring 2017
Graph Coverage for Source Code

Ammann/Offutt (2nd Edition) Chapter 8, Exercises Section 8.1, page 196-197, Number 4. Instead of doing any of the predicates i-x, use the following predicate (written in Java):

   p =  (a == b) || c   
Treat the == operator as logical equivalence.
You should complete parts (a) through (f) for this exercise. You should skip the ICC exercises, which are parts (g) and (h). (If you want to combine parts (b) and (c), as the online tool does, that's fine.)

Note that you can check your work with the online tool. Hence, there is no reason for any student to turn in an incorrect solution.

You should be prepared to carry out a similar exercise on a quiz or an exam (or both) without the aid of the tool.